Jan. 19th, 2009

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So this (brand new) episode was apparently Craig McCracken's idea back when the show was called The Whoopass Girls and he never got around to making it during the regular run.

Basically there's this key (like a "key to the city") that's the "key of the world," and whoever possesses it actually rules the world. Mojo's been defeated (yet again), and actually sings a little song about how the world would be so great under his rule.

Then the key is lost, and all the villains in town are madly scrambling for it, Wacky Races-style. Eventually the girls get ahold of it, and they too start to argue over who would be the best ruler. Mojo decides that that's it--he can't hack the villain business anymore. Cue his strange version of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," and a montage scene with him wearing a baseball cap, pink t-shirt, and flip-flops as he boards a bus out of town.

Meanwhile, everyone is disappointed in the girls for fighting over the key, and gasp of gasps, we get a millisecond glance at Ms. Bellum's face when she turns away in disappointment. She wears bright red lipstick.

Mojo manages to get the key at the very last second, and begins a typical rant as to how he's finally realized his dream of ruling the world. He puts the key in his world domination machine, and--solves world hunger. Ends global warming. Saves the whales. Gives everyone on Earth a puppy.

And wears the pristine white garb of a utopian ruler, waving to his adoring masses from the top of his precariously perched mountain observatory. On the phone in the mayor's office, Mojo tells the President of the US that everyone gets free electricity. He and the girls come to a joyful and forgiving accord, and everything is peaceful. Peaceful, peace-y peace. Bo-ring.

Mojo starts attacking people, spears some whales, and pretty soon the girls are kicking his ass once more.


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