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As much as I love the level of detail and the actual point of this game, it's the change of seasons that really gets me excited.

And it isn't just like WHAM one day the leaves are all orange and there's a bit of a nip in the air. Come late August, the green everywhere takes on a new bluish tone. September, and we find the grass has gone a bit dry and straw-like. It isn't until October that every other tree or so starts to look a bit yellow on the tips.

Even winter comes gradually--brown leaves, cloudier skies, until one day you log in and it's magically snowing. And then gradually the trees become more visible, and the snow falls once a week instead of once a day. And slowly the snow melts, and there are patches of green at first, and shy, hesitant buds on the trees. And the cycle starts over.

But there's all kinds of stuff in between. Lightning, rainstorms that are heavy or mild, the slim chance that you might get a rainbow at the end of a storm or (and I've never been lucky enough to see this) a double rainbow at the end of a storm. The snowballs that form around town that you can roll in the snow to create a snowman. The wishing star in the skies at night. The way the moon goes through its cycles just like in real time. New bugs and fish to catch every month.

The game only seems to get old, but it's so comforting to watch my happy little world change along with the world outside my window, even if it is a bit stereotypical--it doesn't snow here until a freak blizzard or ice storm in late February.

I can't WAIT for Animal Crossing: City Folk, by the way. I am so thrilled that they're going to have game weather match real city weather.
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And that concludes some Animal Crossing updates, just for those of you who have no idea what that was about.
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Did you know that there is an Animal Crossing movie?

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