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I've been irrevocably busy.

Sunday was our big group study session, with lots of arguing over the best policy argument to make if a question on slayer statutes came up, copious amounts of Mountain Dew, and also some episodes of The Office.

Yesterday Tyler, Carly and I got together and reviewed leaseholds and played about two hours of Rock Band. Tyler made me play drums, which was fucking hilarious because I had never touched drums before and just sat there beating the hell out of the plastic part and not the rubber pad. I got all the rhythm patterns right, but he was busting up laughing at me for flailing (I looked like Animal from the Muppets) like I did. Also we finally got my DS Lite shipped out and he cut me a check for the eBay fees.

Last night I couldn't get to sleep, and when I finally did I woke up at 3 and had every song we played on Rock Band stuck in my head, over and over and over. Finally I took half a melatonin and got some rest.

The Property exam was hard. I think the biggest problem for me with law finals is that I lose my steam after the second big question. The first question always has me putting in lots of details, but eventually I get sick of playing the game for gimme points and want to get the hell out of there and go eat lunch. Everyone was in the exam room until 1--even Shelley left really late, and she normally leaves halfway before the time ends. Four hour cumulative exams for the only grade you get in a class.

Don't go to law school, kids.

Or if you do, do like I do and play copious amounts of Kingdom Hearts after the final is over.

And congratulations on graduating, El. You should get online sometime and tell me how it went.
Oh, except that I bought a bag of Skittles 41oz wide to ring in law school finals. Might as well welcome death with open arms. 8D

Haha but no seriously it's like 50 degrees here! And it's 90 about three hours south. I wonder, after the cold spring we've had, what summer will be like.

In the meantime, I woke up this morning and thought to myself:
"O -> A for life, and then to B and her heirs. A has a life estate. B has a contingent remainder in a fee simple absolute, and O has a reversion in fee simple absolute."

You and me, Property. Let's go, right here. I'll take you. TAKE YOU.


Apr. 7th, 2009 08:00 am
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Everything feels like betrayal this morning.

I wake up at 4:20am to stress over this argument--when I should be sleeping and not stressing over something I'm not getting a grade for. I'm popping the homeopathic anxiety pills again. I need to get a bigger bottle before finals start.
I've got "Toujours Gai," a song about having fun and enjoying life, stuck in my head while this is going on.
It's 26 degrees outside on April 7. Fuck that.
I'm being forced to swap my argument to the flip side and have no idea what I'm talking about.
I'm 24 years old and I feel like I'm about 30 sometimes.

Just another ordinary day in law school.
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Maybe it was luck.

Maybe it was the fact that I practiced all afternoon getting left-field questions from my partner.

Or maybe it's because the other team was good but not great.

I just hit a motherfucking triple play at moot court.
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Also, the weather needs to quit it with the schizophrenia.

I got my tea delivered last night--the chocolate orange truffle is more chocolate than anything else, which is weird because it's... water. It's very startling, but effective and tasty. Also I got the Orchid Oolong, which tastes like coconut, so you can't really tell that it's oolong. The leaves are fuller and better than just pekoe or ceylon, but it doesn't taste like orchid.

Things I need to do:

Civil Procedure reading
Criminal Law reading
Property reading
Property project
App Brief reading

The more I clean my room, the worse it gets, somehow. I don't know. Everyone is missing undergraduate around here; we're halfway through the semester and feeling burned out on the law. It's weird and hard to explain, but I have a feeling lawyers are always the parents who are like GEE I SURE WISH I COULD SLEEP IN ALL DAY AND NOT PAY BILLS OR HAVE TO READ FOR CLASS, but actually and sincerely mean it. Some of the people who went to undergraduate here were saying that half the time they'd skip class because the teacher would just post the lecture slides online.

Undergraduate wasn't all that great, but at least there were weeks when I could just tune out and exist somewhere else for a while and it wouldn't matter. I can't even doodle in my notes at law school because of the high guilt factor.

Everyone who is not in law school is lucky. LUCKY.
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You know it's a good day when listening to The Triplets of Belleville Soundtrack during every moment of potential silence seems like the only goal that's worth having.

I didn't get up for Civil Procedure, and I got another passive-aggressive note about how I need to wash the dishes (but that's 100% true and def. my fault). My trial motion rough draft is more rough and less draft.

But I'm listening to French jazz and the sunlight is coming in through the window at just the right shade of pale.

Suck on that, bad days.

what what

Jan. 6th, 2009 01:13 am
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An inherently dangerous felony includes any one of the following:

1. Arson
2. Battery
3. Burglary
4. Kidnapping
5. Mayhem
6. Rape
7. Robbery

Hahahahaha oh my God what

I want an Aerogarden. I want to grow tomatoes in February. How do I get my hands on $100 so I can have one of the little ones.

Also? Where would I even put it. Seriously though.
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1. I'm leaving for law school in about a month.

2. I'm going to be making a newsletter to keep in touch with people re: what law school is like.

3. If you'd like to be on this list, comment below with your email address and I will be more than happy to add you.

4. Comments below will be screened and therefore invisible, so if you don't want strangers knowing your email, don't worry.

5. The newsletter will be a BLIND CARBON COPY, so again. Your email address will not get out.

I promise it will be so interesting and SO not boring at all, free/not free of drama, depending on whether or not you're into that, and I will even try to include some stuff about what I've learned (obviously don't take legal advice from me though).


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