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We're reading about insanity defenses in criminal law, and there is a concept known as the M'Naghten Rule.

But I keep seeing it as Ph'nglui mglw'nafh C'thulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn, which has some alarming implications.
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Case of the week:

There was a farm adjacent to a manufacturing plant. One evening, one of the farm's cows got loose from its pen and wandered over to a shack next door and began to eat some of the things that were there--the items that the plant made. Her little nighttime snack over, the cow went back to the farm, digested the gunpowder she'd eaten, and promptly exploded.

The end.
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It didn't go as well as last time, but we weren't really expecting it to.

My partner got high marks for responding to the petitioners, which was nice.

I got complimented on being the only counsel to really "work the panel," as they call looking at each judge, which is very good.

I need to quit reading so much, though. They didn't like that very much. "Needs more bullet points," said Second Blonde Judge.

Hooray for me! I think I'll celebrate by avoiding my CrimLaw homework and going to the gym.
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... students like cases that are about sex or about animals. Students like cases even more if they're about sex and animals."

This was how we wound up discussing a case about a stud bull that was injured in the line of duty, tied up in the pasture to recover, and wound up being raped by an entire herd of heifers, such that the owner of the poor bull took things to court. The judge wound up writing a poem to memorialize the bull, who met an untimely end at the butcher's.

But for real, we've figured out our Torts professor's entire philosophy on teaching. The 3Ls warned us, and they were right.
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"Before the hearing on Defendant's motion, Plaintiff files an amended complaint fixing the problem raised by Defendant's motion (and thereby mooting the motion)."



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