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Things that really ought to happen this summer:

1. Save up enough money to not require any money from my parents at school. End result would be a gloriously sharp sense of superiority.

2. Getting a bicycle for school without needless and endless peer (if you can call it that) pressure from Mom and brother, who are likely to be in critical hysterics over anything that is a) highly stealable and b) a liability in terms of dragging it down there/storing it somewhere. End result would be seriously toned legs and also better gas mileage when prices are likely to go up to $6 by the time school rolls around.

3. Finishing the scrapbook. "I shall conquer this. I shall!"

4. Finishing the epic novel.

5. Finally FINALLY getting my class schedule so I can start to freak out entirely and worry constantly about things that don't need worryin'.

6. Finishing the autumn grapes cross stitching project--one last hurrah before my life becomes a terminable void of LAW and LAW RELATED THINGS and also some drama.

7. Me figuring out how to use all the LAW NOTE TAKING software I seem to have purchased in some kind of LAW-INDUCED blind rage.

8. Get a rocking hair cut to show everyone at LAW SCHOOL that I am serious cat, but also cute cat, and can provide sparkling conversation in return for free meals.

Oh yeah and 9. Les Cousins Non-Dangereux are having their... Somethingth Anniversary Party like two days after we're invited to go stand on top of Mount Rushmore to watch the fireworks for the 4th. Is it great to have relatives who are politically connected? I don't know, they're kind of crazy otherwise but do throw some wild parties.

10. Also I need to get my hands on some magic fruit. "A wizard has given you an expensive berry that numbs your taste buds so that you can only taste sweet, thus transforming even the sourest lemon into a joyful delight. Is this awesome Y/N?"

I've been updating the law blog lately. It's sure to become melodramatic, but I'm trying to keep things anonymous.


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