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Some people think that these are three of the most horrid things ever, that they destroy the integrity of the original song and make everyone forget how awesome The Original was in the first place.

I think it's good for music to evolve, even on a smaller scale. Mashups, those horribly illegal stepchildren of the music industry, can either be an exploration of depth and texture in crossing music over (think crossing the LAZOR-wires in Ghostbusters) or can fall flat and never recover.

Covers are okay as long as the person treats the song with enough respect. You want to cover "Wonderwall" at Glastonbury, Jay-Z? Um, okay. And Jonas Brothers? If you cover "Year 3000" by Busted and your producer makes you take out the lyric about three-breasted women because it's going to get mega airplay on Radio Disney, don't expect anyone to take you too seriously. For a while, anyway. I mean, Hanson is finally respectable, and they're from my hometown. We had high standards for those kids--the strip malls on the east side kept showing up in their videos, and we were like "That's not what this town looks like, wth?"

The only thing that bothers me about remixes is that there are too many of them. You get a song by Goldfrapp or Groove Armada, for example, and they release an entire CD of 10 remixes of the same song, maybe one or two of which are listenable and not just a cut-back repeat of the first ten seconds of the song for ten minutes. What is the point? I do really enjoy remixes better than the other two above, though. Here are my picks:

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Re-Whipped
Motown Remixed
Verve Remixed 1 & 2 (these have songs by Dinah Washington, Nina Simone--very textured and excellent music)
Christmas Remixed (shut up this is so good)


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