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This is what happens when Dad puts ideas about gas mileage in my head.

You see that? That's what I want. I have a pretty good reason, too. Norman is a relatively small town, and it makes no sense to drive a car to a grocery store that's ten blocks away. Oh, sure, I could drive, of course, but who wants to do that when I could be driving a blue and cream colored scooter?

I really began the day wanting to talk to Dad about getting a bicycle to ride around, but then he countered with, "It would really make more sense to get a Scooter." Which of course sets me back in WANT mode, because if you hand me an idea like HEY HOW ABOUT A SECOND CAR BASICALLY my brain says THAT MAKES SENSE.

There are advantages to it. I mean, you get about 90 miles to the gallon, it's quick and easy to zip around on, and there are places to park it--it isn't like a bicycle that can be stolen. It's registered with the state, so it's a bigger deal if it goes missing. Plus, hello, I would look so carefree and effortless and boys would want to date me for my sweet ride.

But there are downsides, you don't have to tell me that. It's expensive, I'd have to find a way to actually get it TO Norman (and back to Tulsa), find storage if I were to leave it there, I'd have to get my motorcycle license, I'd have to get it insured, and then there's the question of what would happen if I were in an accident and wound up out of commission re: law school.

Here's to wishing, but even though I've wanted a scooter for oh, just about ten years now, I know it probably won't happen considering I have a "suddenly desirable" car, at least according to my mother. Maybe a bike is in my future after all.


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