Oh, except that I bought a bag of Skittles 41oz wide to ring in law school finals. Might as well welcome death with open arms. 8D

Haha but no seriously it's like 50 degrees here! And it's 90 about three hours south. I wonder, after the cold spring we've had, what summer will be like.

In the meantime, I woke up this morning and thought to myself:
"O -> A for life, and then to B and her heirs. A has a life estate. B has a contingent remainder in a fee simple absolute, and O has a reversion in fee simple absolute."

You and me, Property. Let's go, right here. I'll take you. TAKE YOU.
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Obsessions before finals:

1. John Simm and Catherine Tate are coming back to Doctor Who. And John has a lighter hair color. Squee. Please please please, RTD, answer my sincere request and make the Master a regular. Why can't he be a regular. Ugh.
2. I got the new blue DSi and Animal Crossing is now twice as bright and colorful and ridiculous.
3. Twitter. But people need to shut the hell up about taxes and tea parties. I swear...
4. I have a new fish necklace. It has a tail on a hinge and it swims when I walk.
5. "Mode: After Hours." I can't stop watching Marc and Amanda be silly besties--I want a special fag to be a hag with. My best gay went off to art school. I've tried to fill the void with gamernerds, but the law has a tendency to make things difficult.

I want it to be summer. And I want me to stop eating chocolate. Gives me the shakes.
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Why does it snow at home and then not here? Baffling.

Today I picked up the "Sea of Blue" cross-stitching project again, which is a very odd name for a picture of an overgrown path running through a forest of bluebells. I'm working on the path, so it's not very blue, but mostly a tarnished brass color at the moment.

It does feel good to get back into the rhythm of counting, making endless Xs and marking them off on the chart. It's so like paint by numbers, really, but I stay away from the American stuff. It's just not modern enough for me. Maybe I like a bit of irony in my pictures, but roosters on tea towels are too much and video games aren't really my scene right now (though I am thinking of getting a DSi [my DS touchscreen doesn't respond very well anymore], but I need to conserve $$ for Oxford).

I watched MST3k 618, "High School Big Shot," and the beginning short was weird but funny.

This weather has really got me down. I've been lolling in the freedom of Saturday, but I'm sort of lonely and I can't really leave the house even though I'm hungry. I want something from The Earth.


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