Mar. 3rd, 2009

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Also, the weather needs to quit it with the schizophrenia.

I got my tea delivered last night--the chocolate orange truffle is more chocolate than anything else, which is weird because it's... water. It's very startling, but effective and tasty. Also I got the Orchid Oolong, which tastes like coconut, so you can't really tell that it's oolong. The leaves are fuller and better than just pekoe or ceylon, but it doesn't taste like orchid.

Things I need to do:

Civil Procedure reading
Criminal Law reading
Property reading
Property project
App Brief reading

The more I clean my room, the worse it gets, somehow. I don't know. Everyone is missing undergraduate around here; we're halfway through the semester and feeling burned out on the law. It's weird and hard to explain, but I have a feeling lawyers are always the parents who are like GEE I SURE WISH I COULD SLEEP IN ALL DAY AND NOT PAY BILLS OR HAVE TO READ FOR CLASS, but actually and sincerely mean it. Some of the people who went to undergraduate here were saying that half the time they'd skip class because the teacher would just post the lecture slides online.

Undergraduate wasn't all that great, but at least there were weeks when I could just tune out and exist somewhere else for a while and it wouldn't matter. I can't even doodle in my notes at law school because of the high guilt factor.

Everyone who is not in law school is lucky. LUCKY.


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